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My hands
Hierdie blad bevat erotiese literatuur. Indien jy jonger as 18 is, verlaat die blad asseblief onmiddellik. | The following page contains erotic literature. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this page immediately.

My hand glides softly through your hair as our eyes meet,
your gaze tells a story of pure desire
our lips find each other,
as our tongues, dripping with lust, thrust deep searching for the other.

I feel the reassuring warmth of your skin as my hands slide,
up your back.
They journey over your chest where I can feel the pulses of your heartbeat,
gently growing stronger.

They wander down to the crevices of your hips
and as your muscles tense,
my fingers scrape along the contours of your thighs.

You mumble in my ear in anticipation
as my hand gently takes hold of you.
Your body convulses at my touch
and as my hand softly plays against your firmness,
you release a gasp of undignified pleasure.

Your moans grow stronger,
heartfelt and deep
feeding my desire.
Our bodies become one,
rocking to our hearts' rhythm.

You pull my close,
kissing the nape of my neck,
your breath
hot against my ear.
You cup my breast
as your finger teases its peak.
My hands slide back around you
grasping your firm roundings
as I pull you even closer,
close enough
to feel
your growing desire rub against me.

Out of breath I look up into you face,
our gaze locked,
lips hovering over each other,
hearts in perfect sync.

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