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God Help America – because it’s going down the crapper fast
Title: God Bless America
Cast: Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barr
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Runtime: 1 hr 39 mins
Rotten Tomatoes Score:
Reney’s Score: 90%

It’s not what you think. Really. God Bless America should, in fact, have been titled God Help America – because it’s going down the crapper fast.

In a nutshell
Frank is driven over the edge by reality TV, spoilt American brats, possibly a brain tumour, but mostly the American people’s having lost their ability to be kind. Frank decides to do something about it. With a gun, of course.

Mood of the film
Darkly funny. Murderous. Kind. Yeah, really. The fact that Frank and his partner in crime dress in thrift store attire adds to the darkly funny nature of this film. Check out the “house on the prairie” dresses and sweaters!

Best performance
Joel Murray (last seen in South Africa as the clown-loving Eddie Jackson in Shameless) plays Frank as endearing, menacing, but most of all coherently clever.

Standout scene
You’re not going to like it. It’s offensive and violent, but oh so effective. It is a dream sequence, luckily. It involves clay-pigeon-type shooting. The pigeon is a baby, though. 

Too much of the film is given away in the trailer. Even though the killings are still powerful and relevant, they were almost all included in the trailer.

Is the film relevant today?

Does it cop out?
Nope. Frank is not insane, depressed or driven to these acts by the brain tumour. Roxy was not molested or thrown out of the house. They are completely lucid and aware of what they are doing. They might have different reasons for mowing people down, but they’re both committed right to the end.

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Ockert J du Preez
2012-04-23 @07:41
I liked this movie. I give it a thumbs up. The hidden message that kids are overly spoilt today and act like brats are so true. People are getting ruder by the day.
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