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Asleep in Transit gives away debut EP for free

Asleep in Transit

Asleep in Transit, an exciting new band from Durban, just released their debut EP for free. In this interview with Steyn du Toit, they explain this very clever marketing move.

Where does the band name come from?

Well, like our music, the name of the band comes from a particular moment in time, and the feeling associated with that moment. So, Asleep in Transit refers to that feeling you get when falling asleep on the way to a holiday, in a car, on a train ... where you feel like everything is right with the world, and you can sleep with a smile on your face.

How would you describe the Durban music scene at the moment? What genres are popular?

The Durban scene has always been quite small, but the people are passionate about live, local music and their favourite bands. Indie and folk/acoustic are evergreen in Durban (I guess it’s the ocean, haha), but more up-tempo rock and surf-rock are also popular, with Gangs of Ballet and City Bowl Mizers coming to mind.

I read in your press release that you "find inspiration in the beauty of ordinary moments". Could you give such an example and how it ended up in one of your songs?

Well, our songs aren't actually about entire events, but more from a state of mind or one particular moment or object from your day. For example Brother, Sister is a song  about the sun and the moon, and how they can never meet. Dreams Between Sleep is about a sleepless night, and the thoughts going through someone’s mind as they lay in bed. I can picture an image in my head for each song that describes it perfectly.

You recently released your debut EP for free – why this decision and how did your fans receive it?

We wanted to get our music out there as much as possible, and we thought the best way to do that was to offer it for free to the public. It’s more important to us for people to hear and own our music, to share it with friends, and people have received it well - I think they appreciate that we are giving our music away for free. It also makes it easier to download the tracks off the internet than to physically go and buy an album.

Where can one download the EP?

Our entire EP is available for free from our Facebook page, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Go to www.asleepintransit.com for all the links to our music, our video, and to connect with AIT.

How did you experience performing your music in studio versus performing it live? Which did you like more?

Well, we love playing music for people, we love to perform, and to make that connection with people. Studio is quite different – you are there to try and capture the essence of the song, and have it sound the best way that the song can. Studio is fun, but it’s fun in a different way – it’s more musical and technical than about feel and performance.

I believe you are currently working on a second EP. When can we expect that and what do your touring dates look like?

Yes, we are currently working on our second EP, and it’s coming along well. We are still working on a few of the songs that will be included on it, and we have some studio time set aside at Red Bull Studios in Cape Town for that. We are looking at releasing that sometime in August/September, and we will be touring to support that release around that time. In the meantime we are looking at a few more Joburg/Pretoria shows, but nothing is confirmed yet.

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